Hire a Licensed Contractor

Make sure you are working with a licensed, legitimate contractor!


It’s a shame, but it happens all of the time. There are people passing themselves off as legitimate roofing contractors. They knock on people’s doors or leave flyers. Some unsuspecting homeowner calls these people. They come to the home, and they offer a deal that seems too good to be true on some roofing work. Well, it usually is too good to be true.

Plenty of people can hammer shingles. They can get familiar with the tools and maybe learn how to do a few things. But what happens in five or six months when that cheap work begins to have major trouble? Do you still have the individual’s phone number who did the work? Does that phone number still work? Unfortunately, in the trades, we don’t just hear about these horror stories; we see them too often. By hiring these fly-by-nighters, it may lead to a bad and expensive outcome for the homeowner.

There are ways you can protect yourself. First of all, before allowing anyone to work on your home, do some quick research. Visit the Better Business Bureau® website and see if you can find the company. See if they have an internet presence. Lastly, insist that the contractor supplies you with their licensing and references of past clients—and I recommend asking for addresses and phone numbers. Contact these people on your own. Get the real scoop!

You can avoid all of that trouble and stick with a company that you know has your best interest at heart, Schneider Roofing and Remodeling. You know that we are completely licensed and have an outstanding BBB record. In addition, we insist that all of our roofing technicians are drug tested, background checked, and highly trained. Furthermore, we offer some outstanding guarantees and warranties—and we don’t disappear if you have trouble and need us to come back. We’re here to stay. You can call us at 314-378-6623 any time you have a roofing need and know you are in good hands!

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