Spring Trivia

Finally! Spring is here! I don’t know about you, but life just comes a little bit easier during the Spring! It’s a time for rebirth and renewal! At Schneider Roofing and Remodeling we’re making some small changes and improvements. We’re tidying up our offices a bit, reviewing our business policies, training even more than normal, and generally trying to find any way possible to increase our already high-level of customer service!

Maybe, you’re doing the something similar at your home? Even though the lovely Spring temperatures make you want to take a walk, ride a bike, or just sit outside, maybe you’re using this time to do some cleaning! Often, there’s a to-do list that needs dusting off! Maybe you’ve got some long-standing home improvement projects that you’ve been intending to tackle!

I try to keep these articles interesting and useful. Many fall into the “roofing category,” but I also like to mix it up every now and then with other items of interest. Below you will find 10 random fun-fact questions relating to the Spring season. They’re all “true” or “false” answers! Let’s see what you know!

True or False:

  1. On the first day of spring, the hours of daylight and of darkness are equal.
  2. During the vernal equinox, around March 21st, an egg will stand on its small end.
  3. The ancient Greeks celebrated Mother’s Day in spring.
  4. Finding a four-leaf clover is thought to bring you good luck.
  5. The area along the California-Oregon border, is known as the “Easter Lily Capital of the World.”
  6. Baby birds must learn how to sing.
  7. Arbor Day, which encourages the planting of trees and celebrates the role trees play in the environment, is traditionally celebrated on the last Monday in April.
  8. Spring Fever is a real physical condition.
  9. An emerald represents spring.
  10. William Wordsworth wrote a famous poem about daffodils.

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Answers: All answers are true, except for #2.

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