What to Do If You Suspect Roof Damage Following a Storm

Roof Damage: What to Do

Most roof damage in Missouri homes can be traced back to storms. Being at the top of the house, the roof receives most of the brunt of high winds, heavy rains, hail, and flying debris that stormy weather brings, and as such, it is the most vulnerable part of the home that will likely sustain the most damage. While sometimes only minor, roof damage that remains unrepaired will eventually spread to your home’s interior as well, resulting in leaks, mold, and an overall weakened structure. That is why it is important to catch roof damage during its early stages and perform any necessary repairs right away.

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3 Things to Do If Your Home Has Sustained Roof Damage

Roof Damage Repair

  • Inspect: In the aftermath of a storm, it is important to do a visual inspection of the overall state of your home. Start from the inside and check the interiors first. Look for signs of water damage, dark stains, and sagging in your ceiling. Next, check the exteriors. Begin your search on the ground. Check for roof damage in the form of any missing shingles, missing metal fascia parts, and any other parts that look like they should belong on the roof. Next, climb a ladder to the roof and look for missing shingles and loose granules. Do not forget to check the chimney, vents, pipes, and the roof flashing that surrounds them. Check the gutters and downspouts as well. Unfortunately, it can be hard to distinguish the difference between a storm-damaged roof and an ageing roof, so you can consult with a roofing professional to see if damage was caused by a recent storm and if you can file a claim for homeowner’s insurance. Do not forget to take pictures and to document the roof damage, as these will come in handy when filing for an insurance claim.
  • Inform: After you have determined that your roof has been damaged, review your homeowner’s insurance policy’s coverage and contact your insurance company to let them know about the roof damage. A claims adjuster will likely come over to assess the damage. Generally, the insurance company will inform you if the claim has been approved or not within 30 days. During that time, avoid making major repairs yourself. If you need to do something to prevent further damage, such as adding a tarp, take a photo or a video of the process for documentation.
  • Inquire: Once your claim has been approved, you can hire a roofing contractor to repair the roof damage. If your entire roof needs to be replaced, you may want to plan ahead for the future and consult with your contractor on how to replace the roof with a more durable material that can withstand storms better than traditional shingles.

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