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Chesterfield Roofing Repair ContractorsIf you are looking for a Chesterfield roofing contractor, you do not want to leave the work to amateurs. At Schneider Roofing and Remodeling, we have established ourselves as one of the most experienced and reputable contractors in the area. With over 20 years of experience and a strong dedication to customer satisfaction, it is no wonder that so many people choose us as their Chesterfield roofing contractor.

Chesterfield roofing demands a roofer who knows how to work with the unpredictable weather conditions that make roof repair and maintenance so difficult. With the challenging nature of our local weather conditions, it is important to have a well maintained roof, because it protects you from the strong winds, heavy rain, damaging hail, and frigid ice and snow that we often experience here. A healthy, high quality roof helps to protect you, your family, and your home from severe weather and storms. Contact our Chesterfield roofing company today to learn more about our services and how we can help satisfy your roofing needs!

Volatile Weather in Chesterfield & Your Roof

Weather in Chesterfield can change quickly, with storms in winter and summer each causing their own set of problems. To a Chesterfield roofing contractor, the weather can cause more problems than you might expect. If your roof leaks during a storm, moisture may seep into your insulation or walls. Even if the moisture or damage is not visible, it can cause damage over time and allow dangerous mold to grow behind your walls.

Chesterfield Roofing Inspection & RepairIn the spring and summer, it is not uncommon to have multiple severe thunderstorms hit within a short period of one another, each brining damaging winds and hail. Therefore, it is important to have a Chesterfield roofing contractor evaluate and repair any storm or hail damage quickly. Since a little damage from one storm can weaken your roof and increase chances of serious damage in the next storm, it is critical to have a reliable, dependable, and prompt Chesterfield roofing contractor repair issues fast.

Chesterfield Roofing – Winter Hazards

In the St. Louis area, some of our winters are mild, but serious storms can hit at any time. If your roof is already decaying or damaged, even a foot of snow can cause your roof to collapse. Throughout the day, as the snow thaws and re-freezes, it turns into much heavier and more dangerous ice. Additionally, as this snow and ice melts, it can cause new leaks to form or worsen existing leaks allowing water to seep into your home or business.

Chesterfield Roofing Inspection & Repair

Because of the risks associated with severe weather, it is important that you have a Chesterfield roofer perform a roof inspection before the storms begin. A qualified roofing contractor can examine your roof to look for evidence of any damage and make any critical repairs so that your roof is healthy before a storm hits. You may not notice a damaged roof from inside your home, so it is very important to have a Chesterfield roofing inspection once every two years at least.

If you find roof damage after a storm, you may need emergency roofing repairs. It is critical that any roof damage your roof takes during storm season is repaired quickly to help prevent additional damage. Schneider Roofing offers prompt and high-quality roof repairs, maintenance, and inspection throughout the year for all your Chesterfield roofing needs.

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No matter what your needs are, you can trust Schneider with your roofing needs. The foundation of how we do business is based on Proverbs 22:1 – “A good name is more desirable than great riches.” This means that we will never sacrifice our reputation by cutting corners just to save a few bucks on your roof work. Contact our Chesterfield roofing company today to learn more about what we can do for you!